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Tonto Dikeh Clarifies Rumours About Her Pregnancy

Tonto Dikeh has clarified rumours about her alleged pregnancy, stating that she is celibate and should be the last person to be expecting a child.

The Speculations about the controversial actress’s alleged pregnancy came when she shared a video where she was rubbing what seemed to be her baby bump. Tonto Dikeh has dismissed this speculations, claiming that she was simply overfed, resulting in a big belly. She quotes “Dear bloggers, before I posted a picture of me rubbing my stomach. I posted a fat burger I was about to eat. So, no, I’m not pregnant, I’m simply overfed. I invented the wed and born in secrecy guys. So how am I going to flaunt my pregnancy, so the demons on standby can eat it? No! By the way, I’m celibate” she lashed out. She also lashed out at trolls on her Instagram page, who she said were mostly women making mockery of single mothers. “ Even if I was pregnant as a single mum, so what? And to think that it’s women who make mockery of single motherhood the most. Well, ladies, in 2019, when mocking a single mother, make sure your womb is working; make sure there is even a womb, because when you start looking for children when you get married, we will also laugh”. This was her quote in dissolving speculations about her pregnancy.

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